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D.F Wade  A U T H O R

K E L L Y 'S  D I V I D E

After the break down of his marriage and murder of close friend and police partner, Sergeant Shaun Kelly turns the gun on society.  He shoots a motorist in cold blood.

Fleeing justice and himself, Kelly hides in the only world he has ever known - that of the neon-lit streets of Brisbane City. 


Here he forms an unlikely friendship with a drunken old vagrant and teenage street kid, and through the chaos of the ensuing manhunt and the turbulence of their relationship, the hapless trio inadvertently embark on a journey to find Kelly’s partner’s murderer. 


I thought of Mitch, gunned down by a crazed speed-freak out to make a name for himself, and my anger turned to rage. I became detached from the world around me. A world I no longer recognised. And in that moment, in that infinitesimal space in time when thought becomes action, between the firing of a neuron and muscle contraction, I threw myself over to the darkness… I pulled the trigger.


They were out for my blood, and who could blame them. But even without Natalie, or Mitch, life was much more appealing beyond the enclosure of prison walls. All the good I thought I had done had never really meant anything to anyone but me, and I finally realised that it had all been pointless and futile.


Perhaps that’s why I refused to give up my freedom. Like that old alcoholic whose squat I shared.

Released November 30, 2017

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